Public Service Telephone

Our History and the Bond Family

The Bond Family

Hiram Columbus Bond and Bessie Marie Moore were the first generation of the family to enter the field of telephony. They purchased the Roberta Telephone Company and later added the surrounding towns of Reynolds, Butler, Culloden and Lizella. It was not until 1954 that the operations were all incorporated under the name of Public Service Telephone Company with home offices in Reynolds, Taylor County, Georgia.

The earliest records and dates of the establishment of the telephone exchanges of the Bond family properties in Georgia are not available. However, the existence of the Reynolds exchange has been established as early as 1910. Roberta and Lizella were operating in 1923 and Culloden in 1928. The Butler exchange was operating in 1929. These exchanges could have and probably did exist prior to these dates.

Hiram Columbus Bond, Jr.

Born in 1906, and in 1932, he married Mintie Theus. They had two children, Don and Barbara. During the 1930s, Hiram spent much of his time changing the “grounded” circuits to “metallic” to eliminate the noise generated by the new electric co-op lines made possible by the advent of the REA program.

During the war years, with little funds available for help, they worked in the office and out in the field during the daylight hours and worked the switchboard after dark.

H. C. spent the 1950s obtaining REA financing and completely rebuilt the system. He replaced the “magneto” equipment with “dial” equipment, extended service into the rural areas, and rebuilt the toll facilities.

H. C. spent his adult life in the telephone business and passed his love of the company on to his children who now represent the third and fourth generation of Public Service Telephone Company.

During his lifetime, he was a member of the Georgia Telephone Association, USTA, and various community civic and religious organizations. H.C. was very active in the First Baptist Church of Reynolds where he served as a Sunday school teacher, Sunday school director, deacon and superintendent.

Donald E. (Don) Bond

Chairman of the Board for Public Service Communications.

A graduate of Georgia Tech, Don has presided over Public Service Communications for over 50 years. Don began his career as a Communications Engineer in 1958 and assumed the position of President and General Manager of Public Service Telephone Company in 1973. Don has been instrumental in all aspects of Public Service Communications and its many subsidiaries and has had a tremendous impact on the telecommunications industry. Under the direction of Mr. Bond, Public Service expanded its service offerings to provide not only voice, but also data, cable, wireless and satellite technologies. Don retired in 2006 and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Public Service Communications.

Mr. Bond has served as president of the Organization for the Protection and Advancement of Small Telecommunications Companies (OPASTCO), president of the Georgia Telephone Association (GTA), Chairman of the Board for the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) and a member of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA). He has also served as Mayor of Reynolds.

Currently, he attends First Baptist Church in Butler, where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Deacons; Mr. Bond has dedicated much of his life serving both his employees and the communities in which he lives and works. Don and his wife, Beverlyn Evans Bond, currently reside in Reynolds, Georgia.

Beverlyn Bond

Pictured is a photo of Beverlyn Bond in front of a switchboard similar to those used before the cut to dial and a photo of Mrs. Bond today.

Don and Beverlyn Bond are well-known figures at the state and national level. Public Service Telephone Company today serves 1,050 square miles of territory between Macon and Columbus, Georgia, and the fourth generation of the H. C. Bond family, son of Don and Beverlyn, Jim Bond is actively engaged in the operations of the company.

Public Service Telephone Company is one of the leading independent telephone companies in the nation and the Bonds are one of the most highly regarded Pioneer families.

James L. (Jim) Bond

Vice President of Public Service Communications and is the President of Public Service Telephone Company, Flint Cable Television and Public Service Data, Inc.

Jim Bond graduated from Middle Georgia College in 1990 and Mercer University in 1993 with a degree in Engineering. Upon graduation, Jim assumed management responsibilities for Public Service Telephone engineering and daily operations. Jim dedicated several years to re-branding the telephone company and expanding its service offerings. During the fall of 2004, in preparation of the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) implementation, Jim assumed management of Public Service Data and revitalized the internet segment of the company by introducing PSTEL.Net. The new internet service provider brought a new look and new features to the ISP brand, and has tripled in subscribers since its implementation. Beginning in 2007, Jim began converting Flint Cable Television to digital and expanding the cable channel offerings and services making the brand more competitive with national markets.

Over the years, Jim has been active in the industry holding board positions on the Eastern Rural Telecom Association (ERTA) and the Georgia Telephone Association (GTA). On the local level, Jim holds positions on the Mercer University Engineering Advisory Board and the Crawford County Industrial Authority.

E. Kelly Bond.

CEO and President of Public Service Communications. Prior to this appointment, he was President and General Manager of Public Service Cellular.

Kelly Bond graduated from Southern Technical Institute in Marietta, Georgia in 1984 and then received his MBA from the University of Kansas in 1987. He began his career with Public Service Telephone Company as engineer over outside plant, central office and microwave path. He was involved in the conversion from analog to digital switches. He was also responsible for the creation and operation of ISP for over six (6) years (GNAT).

Kelly managed Public Service Cellular for the seventeen (17) year period from its inception, through its conversion from analog to digital to GSM. He was involved in the acquisition of Intercel, a subsidiary of Powertel, to effectively double the size and customer base of the wireless company. After the sale of Public Service Cellular in 2005, Kelly returned to Public Service Communications as acting CFO. In 2006, after the retirement of Don Bond, Kelly took the position of CEO and President of Public Service Communications.

Kelly Bond has served as Chair of the Wireless Committee for the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA). He is currently a member and former board member of the Rural Telecommunications Group, Inc. and has actively participated in other rural, state and national telecommunications organizations.

On the local level, Kelly Bond is a Deacon at First Baptist Church of Butler, Georgia, serves on the Taylor County Airport Authority and has served on City Council for the City of Reynolds.