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Affordable Wireless Internet and Home Services

When DSL, satellite, cable, or fiber aren’t an option, Public Service can keep your home connected through the PS Wireless Network. We feature LTE towers across service areas, sending strong signals to your modem for reliable internet connections.

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Wireless Internet

Public Service offers a range of plans to suit your needs and connect your home to reliable, consistent internet from our wireless network.

Wireless Lite

Wireless Prime

Wireless Premium

Wireless Deluxe

24/7 Tech Support

If something interrupts your internet connection, Public Service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to resolve the issue and get you back online.

Forget about Data Overage

Our unlimited plans ensure continuous access to the internet without unexpected overage charges or surprise fees.

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Ready to Connect?

Whether your internet usage is light or constant, you’ll find powerful internet solutions through the PS Wireless Network!
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Wireless Phone Service

Enjoy the power of reliable internet-connected phone service from the PS Wireless Network.

With wireless phone service, you have access to features like:

  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID

And much more!

Phone service through the PS Wireless Network also means:

  • No additional contracts
  • No long-distance fees
  • No cable-company fees
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wireless home phone

Connect to Wireless Phone Service at Your Home

Public Service equips homes in rural areas with trustworthy and affordable wireless phone service. Ask us how you can get connected today!
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Wireless Home Security

The PS Wireless Network can cover your home with security cameras and cybersecurity solutions. Develop your smart home with Public Service.

Security Cameras

Wireless internet from Public Service ensures strong connections for your security camera system. Never miss a moment of surveillance. We can even install your systems for you, strategically placing your cameras to capture your home from every angle.

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TechHome, Technology Made Easy

Protect your privacy and online data with TechHome, a cybersecurity solution. Our TechHome plans provide privacy protection at affordable rates and are available over the PS Wireless Network.

Discover Further Details About Our Cameras and TechHome Solutions

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Ask About Wireless Security Solutions

for Your Home

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Network Failover Plan

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Failproof Internet Access

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Maintained Network Performance

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Reliable Connection No Matter What

The Network Failover Plan keeps you connected even if your primary internet service is interrupted. Outages happen, but our Network Failover solutions allow you to stay online with continuous connection until your primary service resumes.

Ask About a Network Failover Plan for Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Phone Services

Are there any other hidden fees that I should know about?

No! There are no hidden fees with the monthly plans.

Am I allowed to add more data if I need to?

Yes. Adding more data to your plans are allowed for an additional fee.

What’s the cost of the wireless service?

Our plans start as low as $54.99 per month plus the equipment fee, taxes, and all service fees. Contact a Customer Services Representative to see what plan works best for you.

What plan will I need?

We have two different plans for your internet speeds & two plans to for data usage, however we cannot guarantee the speeds because they do fluctuate with the tower.

Does your company offer wireless services?

Yes. Public Service Wireless is run through LTE towers. The signal comes from the tower to our modem at your location.

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